SAP TDMS Services

SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)

All companies wrestle with the challenges of creating, refreshing, and maintaining nonproductive environments for development and testing: inefficiency and increasing costs. SAPĀ® Test Data Migration Server software can help by enabling you to create and refresh nonproductive systems with data sets reduced by nearly 70%. Better control over the data gives you more efficient and more consistent nonproductive systems, and that in turn reduces costs and increases the quality of development work.

About SAP Test Data Migration Server

SAP Test Data Migration Server is a high-speed data extraction tool that populates your development, test, quality assurance and training systems with SAP business data from your live productive environment.

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Benefits of SAP TDMS

  • Reduced infrastructure expenditures
  • Transfer selective data based on Time, business process or business unit
  • Increased Quality of Data
  • Support independent project schedules
  • Secure sensitive customer data.
  • Effectively simulate new business situations in test environments

Our Services

  • Installation and maintenance of your TDMS landscape
  • Enhancement of standard SAP TDMS functionality (e.g. include customer tables into the reduction)
  • On demand TDMS Services
  • Complete development of customer specific TDMS functionality
  • Design and implementation of Scrambling Rules
  • Provide knowledge transfer and documentation about the implementation and usage of SAP TDMS to customer resource(s).

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